KittyPuppies is a company run by pet owners for pet owners – we really love pets. Our founders used to be simple pet owners looking to provide their own pets with the best quality products they could afford. Naturally, they turned to the world of online shopping – the internet is filled with great deals and great merchandise, right? It’s the world’s largest marketplace!

 It didn’t take long for them to realize that being the largest, doesn’t necessarily make something the best; there are simply a lot of unverified products out there. Our founders were overwhelmed trying to find good products and trustworthy sellers. That’s why they were inspired to make their own store; if they couldn’t find a store they could trust, they’d make one.

 It’s been a long journey since that initial inspiration, but KittyPuppies is finally here and thriving! We do our best to meet our primary goal: provide good quality pet products at an affordable price. We understand the love you have for your pets and the kind of life you want to provide for them better than anyone else because we want the same things for our pets.

 We work hard to anticipate our customers’ needs and wants so that we have what you’re looking for when you get here. Since everyone at KittyPuppies is a pet owner, we normally do a good job, but we still love hearing directly from you.

Contact us and tell us what other products you’re looking for. KittyPuppies will verify them for quality and get it for you at the best deal.